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It was important that I attended this programme. For me the final day of the training is even more important.  You have heard about the McCarthy/Janjanbureh Cultural performance on both male and female circumcision which draws the attention of many people even those in the Diaspora. This has been going on for so many years.

I am proud to inform you that we The Sidibeh family linage-are the custodians of both practices. We have authority in talking about these practices and people do what we ask them to do, and it is we who get circumcisers here to do the practice, I am the leader of the women in this regard


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The advocacy on sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender based violence and childre's rights have been topical. Addressing them from the perspective of harmful traditional practices is an affective strategy to bring about social change. Peolple and institutions need to be aware of respect for the rights of women and children in order to stop all forms of discrimination and violence against women.

GAMCOTRAP's strategies include community sensitization, action research and building the capacity of partners through training and information campigns, social mobilization and advocacy to raise the consciousness of the people to protect the rights of girls nd women from FGM and other forms of gender based violence.


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The Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers of GAMCOTRAP express their sincere appreciation to all it partners who made the year 201 very successful in fulfilling the objectives it sets out to achieve.

Also to make this oportunity to thank all its partners who stood by it during the trying moments of the false allegation mad against the organisation. We are appreciative of the fact that they care for the work we do and accepted to promote and protect the rights of women, children and other vulnerable groups who deserver to be given attention. Your efforts to visit the organisation, appraised the sitution and made the right decision was indeed a moral booster to the activists.


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Dear Readers,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of GAMCOTRAP, I wish to take this opportunity to wish you a very prosperous 2010. It has been a very busy year for the organisation with achievements and best practices to share. 2009 witnessed very positives trends in the advocacy against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the Gambia. First of all, we appreciate the effective collaboration and support from the Government of the Gambia, through the office of the Vice President and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and the Women’s Bureau in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation and Violence Against Women.


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The year 2008 has been very fruitful in fulfilling the targets set. The report highlights activities undertaken and implemented in 2008. GAMCOTRAP Board of Directors staff and volunteers would like to extend appreciation to all those who have contributed to achieving success for all its programmes in 2008. 

Achievements have been made in sharing best practices across borders, continents and institutions. The Global effort to end FGM among African Immigrants has resulted to concrete measures being taken by families in the country of origin to stop FGM in their communities. GAMCOTRAP is happy to report that communities are now being pro active to the fight against FGM. Many communities would like to get more information to enable them reach consensus to stop FGM. The Catalan Government of Spain has been very supportive of the work of GAMCOTRAP in 2008 to sensitize African Immigrants in Catalonia, in particular the Gambian Immigrants about the existence of the law against FGM and violence against women. This is a best practice to be emulated by other countries to accelerate the elimination of FGM throughout the world.


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The report reflects the other engagements of GAMCOTRAP outside its project activities. The activities involved international networking and fundraising, Local partnership, Public relations activities with the embassies as well as home visits and follow ups to cases of violence against women and girls reported to the office. It also resents the developments at organizational level. We are happy to express our appreciation to all our partners for this year; namely Inter Africa Committee, FOKUS through the Norwegian Association of Female Theologians – NKTF, Save the Children Sweden Dakar Office, the Open Society Initiative of West Africa, Future In our Hands and all the local partners in government and civic society organizations working on women’s rights.


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 This report is an overview of the activities of GAMCOTRAP for the year 2006. The report creates awareness of readers about FGM and VAW as well as build alliances and networking within the Gambia and beyond. 

The first part of the year 2006 has been intense but exciting for GAMCOTRAP. Its training at community level to build capacity and social mobilization has set the pace for a positive future. 

The current energy on the advocacy to fight FGM and other HTPs has resulted to a process of consensus building among our targets. We hope that this will eventually result to stopping FGM in this century.


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Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Partners, Friends, Allies and those who have contributed to our activities for the year under review a very successful New Year.

2005 was a very decisive year for GAMCOTRAP. The organization is currently under going a transition to consolidate the gains made over the years. A lot of achievements have been recorded regarding our activities and this is only possible because of the commitment of its members. I am glad to inform our partners that all the activities targeted for 2005 have been completed with individual reports regarding each activity sent to our partners. This report is a synopsis of all the activities undertaken by GAMCOTRAP.


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